Your system is the lifeline for your business and a healthy system ensures longevity for your business. A responsible operations management calls for identifying and addressing the potential problems before they become real.

In today’s fast paced, cut throat, dog-eat-dog world of competition, you cannot afford any downtime for your systems.

Yellow Crane Consulting offers you three choices for scheduled system maintenance based on your unique needs: quarterly, semi-annual and annual. You choose, you decide. We deliver.

environment analysis

functional analysis

Given our experience with many of enterprise systems (business and operations support systems), chances are we have in-house consultants who can help review your system’s configuration to ensure that you are making the best use of latest available features.

Our team also comprises of industry and domain experts who can, for example, help review your processes relating to Finance and make recommendations on improving your processes to gain efficiencies utilizing latest capabilities of your BSS/OSS system. They can review the invoice run and aging processes; configuration of your GL and optimization of GL codes.

As another example, our operational domain experts in pay media vertical can help analyze your business processes to ensure the work flow is configured to make the most efficient use of your system. Review the configuration of pricing, campaigns and packages to reduce the number of clicks for the CSR’s.